About This Webinar

Glimpse the future using predictive HR analytics

Develop an analytical perspective to support evidence-based decision making that drives organizational success.

As the business environment increases in complexity, organizations require specific, relevant information to make better decisions. Predictive HR analytics that are based on organizational objectives can provide unique and relevant insight to develop this competitive advantage.

Currently very few HR departments are performing predictive analytics; most are still focused on historical analysis. To continue this journey, HR must overcome several challenges including the development of analytical capabilities, compiling data from multiple sources, and integrating disparate business unit data.

During this webinar we learned how to:

  • Identify potential challenges hindering the progression of predictive analytics in HR.
  • Define the new competencies required for predictive analytics.
  • Select organizationally impactful predictive analytic initiatives.
  • Create a timeline and action plan to implement predictive analytic initiatives. 

This is an On-Demand webinar:

This webinar was previously recorded. To view our upcoming live sessions visit our Webinars page.

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Terra Aartsen

Senior Manager, HR Research & Advisory
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Helen Fisher

Senior Manager, HR Research & Advisory Services
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