Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program Storyboard

Organizations who fail to offer flexibility will have a difficult time attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. It is vital to equip organizations with the...

Training Deck: Effectively Navigate Conflict

Use this training deck to train managers to recognize the many roles that people managers take on in conflict management, choose appropriate conflict management...

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan Storyboard

Welcome new employees to the organization with a clear, consistent and comprehensive onboarding program to start them on the right track.

Use Dashboards to Become a Data-Driven HR Function Storyboard

Data-driven decision making is a top priority for organizations. Create dashboards to present data and metrics in an effective way and provide insights and...

Preparing for an Internal Talent Marketplace Storyboard

Learn more about internal talent marketplaces and review key considerations around their design, the technology, and the change that comes with their implementation to...

Implement a Buddy System at Work

Build a consistent way for peer mentors to help onboard employees new to their role.

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Use this training deck to train managers to develop and actively support a dynamic learning mindset in themselves and across their teams to promote innovation,...

Use Talent Pools to Support Flexibility in Succession Planning

Increase bench strength and responsiveness to planned and unplanned vacancies.

Training Deck: Equip HR to Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset

Use this training deck to train HR to actively support a dynamic learning mindset across the organization to promote innovation, resilience, and development.

Articulate and Foster Organizational Culture Storyboard

Culture's impact on revenue, cash flow, and stock price is becoming increasingly apparent, yet there is often a gap between desired organizational culture and actual...
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