Onboarding Policy

A new hire's first days of employment determine their first impression of the organization. A well-organized onboarding process helps ensure it is a positive one, driving...

Hiring of Relatives Policy

Employing relatives or spouses comes with risks of conflicts of interest and tension in the workplace. A carefully crafted policy will ensure your organization retains...

Background Check Policy

Background checks are an invaluable element of a robust selection process. A well-developed background check process helps in validating employee information and ensuring...

Reference Check Policy

A clear and comprehensive reference check policy is an important part of an objective and legally defensible selection process.

Green Office Initiatives Policy

Implementing environmentally friendly ("green") initiatives in the workplace has numerous benefits. Companies save money on supplies (less paper used), utilities (less...

Company-Owned Vehicle Usage Policy

Outlining the parameters and expectations for employees using company vehicles ensures you take every reasonable precaution in stressing proper use and care.

Inclement Weather Policy

Severe weather conditions can pose a significant hazard to public safety, and your employees.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Situations may arise where employees have (or appear to have) a vested interest in influencing the outcome of a business decision for personal/private gain.

Outside Employment Policy

Depending on your industry, you may or may not allow employees to have additional employment outside of the organization.

Employee Records Policy

Employee records are kept for both legal and organizational requirements.
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