Talent Management

Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to dig deeper to understand employee challenges and the effectiveness of current practices.

Skills Inventory Tool

Use this tool to document the skills that exist in the workforce.

Alternate 9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Tool

The Alternate 9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Tool is a guide for HR and managers to evaluate customized employee talent profiles.

Participant Training Session Evaluation

Assessing and analyzing participant feedback is critical for helping determine how a training session was received by learners and which areas require improvement. This...

Sales Competency Library

This comprehensive sales competency library will help you select and develop your technical sales competencies.

Move Toward Neuro-Friendly HR Practices Infographic

Use this infographic to ensure your HR practices are increasingly and consistently neuro-friendly.

Performance Management Effectiveness Scorecard

Use this tool to better understand what is and isn't working with your current performance management framework.

Retention Plan Workbook

Use this tool to document the components of the talent retention analysis.

Strategy Discovery Tool

Use this tool to identify your knowledge gaps that will help ensure the talent strategy is focused on the right priorities, and pinpoint the relevant activities and...

Manager Career Conversation Guide

Use this template to prepare managers to guide career conversations with their employees.
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