Talent Management

Customization Is Key When It Comes to Performance Management Frameworks

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to effective performance management. Every organization has its own culture, structure, strategy, etc., which means that every...

360 Feedback Process Workbook

This tool will enable you to capture key information in one place while developing the 360 Feedback process.

Case Studies: Strategically Develop a 360 Feedback Process

Refer to these case studies for examples of 360 feedback assessment processes.

360 Feedback Debrief Guide

Use this guide to help debriefers coach ratees through the results of their 360 Feedback assessment.

360 Feedback Assessment User Guide

Follow this guide to make the decisions necessary to set up, launch, and collect feedback from McLean & Company’s 360 Feedback diagnostic.

Online Workshop: Design a High-Value Succession Planning Program

Engage McLean & Company facilitators to lead your team through the Succession Planning Program workshop online.

Skills Inventory Job Aid

Use this job aid to prepare to implement a skills inventory in the organization.

Case Study: Return-to-the-Workplace Playbook

Refer to this case study for an example of a return-to-the-workplace plan.

Online Workshop: Develop a Talent Management Framework

Engage McLean & Company facilitators to lead your team through the Create a Talent Management Framework workshop online.

Develop a Talent Management Framework

A purposeful and effective talent management framework benefits the organization by enabling greater financial gains, higher performance, and improved retention and...
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