Talent Acquisition

Post-Hire Survey – Hiring Manager

Use the Post-Hire Survey – Hiring Manager to gather feedback from hiring managers to help assess the talent acquisition process.

Global Assignment Template

The Global Assignment Template sets the expectations for the global assignee's experience abroad.

HR Social Media Plan

Use this template to document social media goals, evaluate current social media practices, and record guidelines.

Intake Meeting Guide

Use this template to understand the hiring managers' needs during the intake meeting.

Optimized Social Media Recruiting Plan Tool

The Optimized Social Media Recruiting Plan Tool provides a way to document and track social media recruiting (SMR) objectives and initiatives. This tool should be used in...

Request for Proposal Evaluation Grid

Use this tool to guide vendor selection decision making for each proposal received.

Social Media Recruiting Cost/Benefit Calculator

True ROI cannot be calculated for a social media recruiting campaign because the return is not directly translated into monetary values. A cost/benefit analysis is a much...

Social Media Boolean Search Tool

Use this tools to customize, create, and execute Boolean search strings for a variety of roles and platforms.

Internship Program Workbook

Use this workbook to build a structured internship program that supports the organization's goals.

Create a Talent Acquisition Strategy Storyboard

Talent acquisition (TA) plays a critical role in organizational success. The most effective talent acquisition strategy optimizes foundational TA elements to deliver on...
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