Training Deck: Equip Managers to Have Effective Performance Appraisal Discussions

Use this training deck to conduct manager training sessions on performance appraisal discussions. Customize this training deck with your organization's internal processes...

COVID-19 Work Status Tracking Guide Storyboard

This guide provides best practices for managers to keep track of new and changing work arrangements.

Develop the Leadership Skills of Your Middle Managers Storyboard

Middle managers face challenges and opportunities as the intermediary between front line staff and senior managers. Support middle manager development to strengthen...

Streamline the Internal Hiring Process Storyboard

Employees frequently leave organizations due to a perceived lack of internal opportunities. A focus on internal talent mobility will lead to cost savings, retention of...

Equip Managers to Improve Poor Performance Storyboard

Managers are hesitant to deal with low performance due to a lack of understanding on how to address issues and the difficult nature of these conversations. Provide...

The Essential COVID-19 Childcare Policy for Every Organization, Yesterday Storyboard

Build a holistic strategy to help managers and employees navigate and balance work with care-provider responsibilities.

Reconceptualize Job Descriptions Storyboard

Rethink the way job descriptions are used and the process to create and update them. Support the adoption of a streamlined process to transform job descriptions from a...
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