Onboarding Policy

A new hire's first days of employment determine their first impression of the organization. A well-organized onboarding process helps ensure it is a positive one, driving...

Hiring of Relatives Policy

Employing relatives or spouses comes with risks of conflicts of interest and tension in the workplace. A carefully crafted policy will ensure your organization retains...

Background Check Policy

Background checks are an invaluable element of a robust selection process. A well-developed background check process helps in validating employee information and ensuring...

Reference Check Policy

A clear and comprehensive reference check policy is an important part of an objective and legally defensible selection process.

Office Supplies Policy

Managing common supplies is too important to the functioning of any office. Set clear expectations and procedures in a well-crafted office supplies policy.

Hardware and Software Purchase Policy

Defining hardware and software requirements and purchasing procedures is integral to the management of your organization's assets. Clear the confusion by implementing a...

File Storage and Sharing Policy

Data security is an urgent issue for any organization. Ensure your employees preserve the integrity of your organization's information by implementing a robust policy.

Employee Romantic Relationships Policy

Employer must be vigilant about the possible conflicts of interests and tension in the workplace which may results from personal relationships between employees. Use this...

Educational Leave of Absence Policy

Professional development and education opportunities are key to attracting and retaining talent. Use this template to frame your educational leave policy for your employees.

Disability Accommodation Policy

Disability accommodation is crucial to productivity, workplace diversity, and legal compliance. This template provides a framework for the accommodation process.
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