Job Descriptions

Data Warehouse Architect

The Data Warehouse Architect’s role is to strategically design and implement data warehouses, data marts, and data stores while ensuring high levels of data availability.

IT Security Analyst

The IT Security Analyst performs two core functions for the enterprise. The first is the day-to-day operations of the in-place security solutions while the second is the...

Portfolio Administrator

The Portfolio Administrator role is focused on the consistent flow of current, accurate, and usable information from the steering committee to the PMO and project...

Chief Digital Officer

The Chief Digital Officer provides vision and leadership for developing and implementing digital technology initiatives. They work closely with the IT department to...

Data Modeler

The Data Modeler’s role is to direct, evaluate, review, and manage database resources and services across the organization while ensuring high levels of data quality with...

Chief Customer (Experience) Officer

The Chief Customer Officer’s role is to help drive the business strategy by integrating the customer’s experience and input.

Head of IT Vendor Management

The head of IT vendor management performs and/or manages the group with a combination of contract, performance, relationship, and risk management roles with IT vendors.

IT Vendor Contract Manager

The IT vendor contract manager is responsible for managing the contract life cycle, which includes changes and modifications to and enforcement of performance clauses,...

Information Security Compliance Manager

Information Security Compliance Managers identify, manage, and report on company compliance, regulatory, legislative, and contractual requirements.

Security Architect

The Security Architect focuses on designing and developing security architecture patterns that meet regulatory obligations and data protection requirements.
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