Strategy - Tools & Templates

Crisis Post-Mortem Template

The objective of this template is to inform future actions by recording the important lessons that were learned during the change or crisis (e.g. obstacles, challenges,...

Biases and Heuristics Catalog

Use this template to understand some common biases and heuristics that may be influencing the decision-making process of your employees.

Navigate the Pandemic With a Flexible Talent Strategy Workbook

Use this tool to capture key information and decisions when creating a flexible talent strategy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cost-Cutting Planning Tool

Use this tool to create a cost-cutting plan.

Knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment Tool

The Knowledge Transfer Risk Assessment Tool is used to identify the risk profile of knowledge sources and the knowledge they have.

Knowledge Identification Interview Guide Template

The Knowledge Identification Interview Guide Template is used to provide a framework to conduct interviews with knowledge sources to extract the information they have

Sample Layoffs Policy

Use this template to craft the employee layoff policy.

Employee Layoff Selection Tool

Use this tool to determine which employees should be selected for layoff and in which order of priority.

Ten Ways to Connect With Your Employees During a Crisis

Use this guide to discover best practices to keep in contact with employees, teams, and the entire organization while working remotely.

Creating Connections

Use this guide to find questions to ask employees to help them through the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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