Increase Knowledge of HR Technology Offerings Storyboard

Use McLean & Company research and SoftwareReviews’ HR software reports to navigate the crowded HR technology market and improve your software evaluation and selection...

HR Management & Governance Survey Guide Storyboard

Collect vital feedback on HR’s effectiveness across core HR areas to improve HR service delivery.

HR Stakeholder Management Survey Guide Storyboard

Gain insight into stakeholder perception of HR performance and HR service importance to better align with stakeholder needs.

Get the Best Value Possible With a Data-Driven Vendor Negotiation Approach Storyboard

Leverage insights from SoftwareReviews data to best position yourself to receive a discount through your software negotiations.

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phase 2: Discover the Data

Discover your data by conducting interviews with data owners and considering third-party vendor services.

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phase 3: Classify the Data

Classify your data so that your data is properly protected.

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you define and develop your data classification program, from formalizing the program to discovering your data and finally implementing data...

Storyboard: Develop & Enforce Policies That Securely Enable a Mobile Workforce

A strong set of mobile policies enables a secure and productive workforce. Use this solution set to develop a set of user and technology policies that will support a...

Training Deck: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

The ability to understand your own and other people's emotions and adapt your behavior accordingly is not an innate ability or fixed trait. It’s something that can be...

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phase 1: Formalize the Classification Program

Establish your data classification program so that your data is handled properly.
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