Solution Sets

Prepare for External Risks

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, organizations face vulnerability to external risks, and the talent implications are rarely assessed....
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Design an Employee Volunteer Program

People want to work for socially responsible organizations, and candidates evaluate employers based on their community involvement. Employee volunteer programs present...
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Create an HR Budget

HR budgets change year over year, yet HR often lacks a well-defined budget process.
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Equip Managers to Conduct Effective Pay Conversations

Compensation often causes unnecessary stress and confusion between employees and managers. Support managers by providing the understanding, information, and guidance...

Train Managers to Build Key Resilience Behaviors

Today’s leaders are faced with constant change and increasing complexity. Equip your leaders to be able to better respond to this environment with an understanding of key...

Equip Managers to Engage in Career Development Discussions With Employees

Teach managers to help their employees identify opportunities for development, set development goals, and discuss career paths. Entrench their learning by using this...
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Equip Managers to Lead Through Informed Trust and Accountability

Trust drives accountability through employee empowerment. In order for employees to be accountable, they must trust their manager and their manager must trust them. Train...
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Develop an Engagement Program Strategy

While many organizations run engagement surveys, the work on engagement often stops at measurement. However, employee engagement positively impacts organizational...
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Equip Managers to Improve Employee Engagement Using the EXM Dashboard and Design Thinking

Engaged employees feel energized, passionate, and dedicated, and are highly involved with their work and the organization. Help your managers optimize engagement by...
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Equip Managers to Create High-Performing Teams

Creating and managing a high-performing team requires in-depth understanding of the skill gaps, interpersonal tendencies, and development opportunities. Train managers to...
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