HR Spotlight Q&A

Introducing Mardi Walker, McLean & Company’s Counselor to HR Executives

Get to know McLean & Company's Counselor to HR Executives by reading this Q&A with Mardi Walker.

Introducing Tchernavia Rocker – Chief People Officer Extraordinaire

Members of McLean & Company will remember her inspirational presentation at our 2019 Signature conference, where she shared the message that it is time for HR to stand up...

Introducing Tanya Sinclair, CHRE – Winner of the Prestigious HRPA Distinguished HR Professional Award for 2020

Get to know Tanya Sinclair, Chief People Officer of Artscape, in this Q&A.

Introducing McLean & Company’s New Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Services – Cinnamon Clark!

Get to know McLean & Company's new Director of DEI Services by reading this Q&A with Cinnamon Clark.
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