Tools & Templates

Metrics & Analytics Selection Guide

Use this guide to identify and measure metrics that matter the most for each HR functional area.

HR Metrics Workbook

Use this workbook to record key project decisions and information while building the data plan.

HR Metrics Library

This library consists of an extensive list of potential HR metrics that apply to all functions of HR. Use this library to find metrics that are applicable to your...

Case Studies: Develop an Internship Program

Refer to these case studies for examples of internship programs.

Internship Program Workbook

Use this workbook to build a structured internship program that supports the organization's goals.

Intern Request Form Template

Use this template to record internship request information and identify appropriate internship formats for each request.

Career Pathing Tool

Use this tool to capture the progression and requirements of various career paths that will create a career framework.

Create Realistic Career Frameworks

Use this job aid to select internal career paths to include in a career framework.

Exit Interview Template

Use this template to gather feedback from voluntarily departing employees on the employee experience and the reasoning behind employee turnover.

Guide to Interpreting Your Exit Survey Report

Use this guide to help you interpret your Exit Survey Analysis Report from McLean & Company.
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