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Workshop: Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy

Use this workshop outline to complete a four-day workshop for the Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy project.

Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy Storyboard

Use technology to facilitate HR's ability to function as a strategic business partner and spend less time and effort on administration.

Take an Educated Approach to Developing a Learning Management System Strategy Storyboard

Build an LMS strategy on the foundation of corporate objectives and L&D goals by considering the four pillars of LMS: content, people, process and technology.

Plan for HR Shared Services Storyboard

HR shared service models are not one size fits all. Detailed planning will help identify which model best supports organizational needs while decreasing operational costs...

Select and Implement an HR Information System Storyboard

Follow a structured, accelerated approach to launch your HRIS procurement project, filling in knowledge gaps to prepare your organization to make an informed decision.
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