File Storage and Sharing Policy

Data security is an urgent issue for any organization. Ensure your employees preserve the integrity of your organization's information by implementing a robust policy.

Employee Romantic Relationships Policy

Employer must be vigilant about the possible conflicts of interests and tension in the workplace which may results from personal relationships between employees. Use this...

Educational Leave of Absence Policy

Professional development and education opportunities are key to attracting and retaining talent. Use this template to frame your educational leave policy for your employees.

Disability Accommodation Policy

Disability accommodation is crucial to productivity, workplace diversity, and legal compliance. This template provides a framework for the accommodation process.

Community Fundraising Policy

Giving back to your community increases engagement and benefits your community partners. Use this template to guide a fundraising program in your workplace.

Children in the Workplace Policy

There are occasions where employees may be required to bring their children to work. Use this policy to minimize disruption at your workplace and set out appropriate...

Secondment Policy

Secondment assignments provide an excellent opportunity for individual professional development while fulfilling business needs. A clear and comprehensive policy is...

Retirement Policy

Retirement is an important transition for both the departing employee and the organization. A well-planned retirement policy will save you time and grief in the long run.

Rehiring Policy

While former employees are an increasingly important part of the talent pool, lack of clear rehiring procedures may result in unnecessary costs and resentment. A...

Probationary Period Policy

A new hire's first months on the job can make or break an employment relationship. A clear and comprehensive policy governing probationary period is crucial for managing...
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