HR Infrastructure - Storyboard

Establish a Communication and Collaboration System Strategy Storyboard

This storyboard will help you improve your approach to collaboration services.

Create an HR Budget Storyboard

Use a clearly defined budget process to make the case for HR’s proposed budget to key stakeholders and assist in tightening the gap between the proposed and approved...

Increase Knowledge of HR Technology Offerings Storyboard

Use McLean & Company research and SoftwareReviews’ HR software reports to navigate the crowded HR technology market and improve your software evaluation and selection...

Develop a Learning Technology Strategy Storyboard

Build a learning technology strategy on the foundation of corporate objectives and L&D goals by considering the four categories of learning technology: content, people,...

Select a Human Resources Information System Storyboard

Follow a structured and accelerated approach to procuring an HRIS solution, filling in knowledge gaps in an organized way that prepares you to make an informed decision.

Train Managers to Communicate Effectively Storyboard

Effective communication is integral to organizational success. However, context, which includes intent, word choice, speed of speech, body language, and platform, in...

Develop a Sound Business Case to Accelerate Buy-In Storyboard

Many HR initiatives are complex and expensive and require a significant amount of planning to implement successfully. Use this storyboard to build a business case for...

Case Studies: Develop a Sound Business Case to Accelerate Buy-In

Refer to these case studies for examples on how to develop a business case.

Workshop: Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy

Use this workshop outline to complete a four-day workshop for the Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy project.

Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy Storyboard

Use technology to facilitate HR's ability to function as a strategic business partner and spend less time and effort on administration.
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