Data Protection Policy

Use Info-Tech's Data Protection Policy to define and document the necessary data privacy and protection controls.

Office Supplies Policy

Managing common supplies is too important to the functioning of any office. Set clear expectations and procedures in a well-crafted office supplies policy.

Hardware and Software Purchase Policy

Defining hardware and software requirements and purchasing procedures is integral to the management of your organization's assets. Clear the confusion by implementing a...

Community Fundraising Policy

Giving back to your community increases engagement and benefits your community partners. Use this template to guide a fundraising program in your workplace.

Children in the Workplace Policy

There are occasions where employees may be required to bring their children to work. Use this policy to minimize disruption at your workplace and set out appropriate...

Respect in the Workplace (Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discrimination) Policy

This template provides a comprehensive framework for the Respect in the Workplace (Anti-Harassment, Anti-Discriminiation) policy.

Promotion Policy

Use this template to describe the the company's promotions policy.

Short-Term Disability Policy

Short-term disability is an important part of a comprehensive benefit package. Use this template to provide your employees with a clear statement of the disability...

Jury Duty - Witness Leave Policy

From time to time, employees will be called to jury duty service or to appear as a witness in a court proceeding. Witness leave is the acknowledgement of an employee's...

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

In recent years, sustainability and accountability have emerged as top priorities in strategic business planning. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are a...
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