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Acting Role Offer Letter Template

Use the Acting Role Offer Letter Template as an offer letter for employees moving into temporary "acting" or "interim" roles. This letter should be presented to the...

Letter of Agreement Template

In most cases, negotiating and signing a contract should precede the beginning of work. However, in some cases, the assignment is too small to warrant a full contract.

Paid Time-Off Policy

The Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy is used as a replacement for vacation and sick leave policies. It gives employees more autonomy over when and why they take time off and...

Lactation Accommodation Policy

The Lactation Accommodation policy provides provisions for new mothers who continue to breastfeed their infant child upon their return to the workplace.

Recruiting Calendar Template

Managers are often looking for a way to speed up the recruiting process, but there aren't always ways to expedite it. Use this Recruiting Calendar Template to communicate...

Candidate Communication Template

Use this template as a script for different candidate communication scenarios.

Approval to Hire Template

It is important to obtain necessary approvals throughout all stages of the recruiting process, but most importantly, approvals must be obtained before an offer is...

Job Offer Letter Template

The job offer is a legally binding document. Don't make the mistake of leaving out important information when offering the job to the successful candidate. Use the Job...

Checklist for Team Building

Successful teams don't just happen by chance, they develop over time. Use this checklist to navigate the challenges that most teams experience throughout their lifecycle.

Coaching Tracking Sheet

Coaching - whether formal or informal - is an integral part of employee development within an organization. However, it is easy to lose track of employee progress without...
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