Tools & Templates

Mobile Device Policy Training Slideshow

Customize this training slideshow to present or distribute a document that communicates your policies to employees.

Mobile Device Connectivity & Allowance Policy

The mobile device connectivity and allowance policy enables a secure and productive workforce by outlining the policies regarding mobile device connectivity.

Waiver to Wipe Contents Agreement Example

It can be challenging to develop policies that balance security with productivity, while weighing the needs of today against the disruption of tomorrow. Use this example...

Return to the Workplace Checklist

Use the template checklists in this tool to identify and assign your own tasks to support your organization's return to the workplace post-COVID-19.

Meeting Type Decision Flowchart

Use this decision tool to choose between scheduling an onsite, virtual, or hybrid meeting.

Run a Virtual or Hybrid Meeting Checklist

A handy, one-page reference for your employees to help them run better virtual and hybrid meetings.

Emotional Intelligence Handbook

This workbook will allow participants to take notes and complete activities during Emotional Intelligence in Leadership training.

Emotional Intelligence Knowledge Check

Use this knowledge check after training leaders on emotional intelligence to assess their understanding of the content.

Emotional Intelligence Scenario

Use this scenario to allow participants to practice using emotional intelligence techniques learned in the Emotional Intelligence in Leadership training session.

Negotiate With Empathy Handbook

This handbook will allow participants to take notes and complete activities during the Negotiate With Empathy training.
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