Solution Sets

Create a Holistic Employee Wellbeing Program

Employee wellbeing is critical for organizational success. To leverage your wellbeing program's full potential, ensure there is uptake and awareness among employees.
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Train Managers to Master Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are difficult for a reason and managers often evade handling them or conduct them poorly. When managers avoid discussing important issues it can...
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HR Management & Governance Survey Guide

Uncover insights on HR’s effectiveness across core HR areas. Use McLean & Company’s HRMG survey and comprehensive methodology to improve HR service delivery.
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HR Stakeholder Management Survey Guide

Compare stakeholder satisfaction against HR effectiveness. Use McLean & Company’s HRSM survey to identify and support organizational and stakeholder needs.
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Get the Best Value Possible With a Data-Driven Vendor Negotiation Approach

Prepare for vendor negotiations without needing to become an expert or getting overwhelmed. Leverage insights from real customers who have earned software discounts.
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Discover and Classify Your Data

The sensitivity of data varies significantly, from public information to highly confidential trade secrets. To ensure proper protection, businesses need to identify and...
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Develop & Enforce Policies That Securely Enable a Mobile Workforce

A strong set of mobile policies enables a secure and productive workforce. Use this solution set to develop a set of user and technology policies that will support a...
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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Understanding emotions and adapting behavior accordingly is not an innate ability. Emotional intelligence in the workplace can be developed to improve relationships and...
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Negotiate With Empathy

Negotiating is often thought of negatively. However, negotiation helps us find common ground. Help managers negotiate with empathy to achieve objectives and strengthen...
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Solve HR Problems Using Systems Thinking

Train HR professionals to become better problem solvers by looking at challenges and finding solutions in a new way. Systems thinking allows you to see the big picture...
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