Travel Expense Policy

Ensure that traveling employees are aware of what is considered an acceptable expense and what expenses are eligible for reimbursement by the organization. Establish...

Employee Status Change Policy and Form

Employee status can change for a variety of reasons, including promotion, leave of absence, transfer, termination, or change in pay. When a status change occurs, there is...

Drug and Alcohol Policy

While it may seem obvious to some that the use of drugs and alcohol at work is prohibited, organizations must still hold and enforce a strong drug and alcohol policy to...

Educational Leave of Absence Policy

Professional development and education opportunities are key to attracting and retaining talent. Use this template to frame your educational leave policy for your employees.

Lactation Accommodation Policy

The Lactation Accommodation policy provides provisions for new mothers who continue to breastfeed their infant child upon their return to the workplace.

Complaint Investigation Procedure for Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, and Violence Policy

This template provides a comprehensive framework for the Complaint Investigation Procedure policy.

Anti-Bullying and Psychological Harassment Policy

This template provides a comprehensive framework for the Anti-Bullying and Psychological Harassment policy.

Work-From-Home (WFH) Policy

Use this policy to create guidelines for the organization's WFH program.

Green Office Initiatives Policy

Implementing environmentally friendly ("green") initiatives in the workplace has numerous benefits. Companies save money on supplies (less paper used), utilities (less...

Company-Owned Vehicle Usage Policy

Outlining the parameters and expectations for employees using company vehicles ensures you take every reasonable precaution in stressing proper use and care.
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