Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Employee Recognition Survey Questions

Use this template to design a survey to gather employee feedback on recognition preferences.

Recognition Program Guide

Use this template to outline the structure of the recognition program.

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Use this template to create an employee recognition nomination form.

Recognition Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore proven approaches to formal and day-to-day recognition.

Training Deck for Managers: Reinforce Behavior With Recognition

Use this manager training deck to train managers to recognize employees.

Train Managers on Respect in the Workplace: Preventing and Addressing Harassment & Discrimination Quiz

Use this quiz after training managers on preventing and addressing workplace harassment and discrimination to assess their learning from the LMS session.

Design Thinking Primer

Use this guide to gain an understanding of design thinking principles.

Employee Experience Workbook

Use this tool to analyze data and begin the process of developing the key area(s) of focus for the employee experience initiative.

Discovery Interview Guide

Use this guide to find interviewing tips and sample questions that can be used during discovery interviews to gain employee perspectives.

Empathy Map Template

Use this template to develop an empathy map in order to synthesize employee thoughts, feelings, and needs.
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