Culture - Tools & Templates

Guide to Navigating the McLean Connect Dashboard

Use this guide to learn how to drill down into McLean survey results.

Guide to Interpreting Your Overall Engagement Report

Use this guide to interpret team engagement score results and feedback.

Overall Engagement Survey Results Debrief Template

Use this template to create engagement survey results presentations.

Engagement Action Planning Manager Toolkit

Use this toolkit to help managers navigate their engagement survey scorecards and empower them to improve team engagement.

Engagement Initiative Card Template

Use this template to track engagement initiative details and progress.

Improve Survey Response Rates Guide

Use this guide to find communication recommendations that will boost survey participation.

Create an Inclusive Promotion Process and Policy

Use this guide to create an inclusive promotion process and policy in support of performance management.

Sustained WFH Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions when planning for the sustained work-from-home program.

Idea Catalog: Sustain Work-From-Home in the New Normal

Use this catalog to ensure HR practices will support a long-term WFH program.

Executive Reflection Template

Distribute the Executive Reflection Template to senior leaders prior to the reflection workshop to encourage discussion of current behaviors and their impact on desired...
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