Employee Engagement - Tools & Templates

Workbook: Equip Managers to Improve Engagement Action Planning

Use the participant workbook as a takeaway guide for training participants to reference during and after the Equip Managers to Improve Engagement Action Planning training...

Engagement Action Planning Workbook

Use this workbook to outline the post-engagement survey process and communication plan.

Guide to Navigating the McLean Connect Dashboard

Use this guide to learn how to drill down into McLean survey results.

Guide to Interpreting Your Overall Engagement Report

Use this guide to interpret team engagement score results and feedback.

Overall Engagement Survey Results Debrief Template

Use this template to create engagement survey results presentations.

Engagement Action Planning Manager Toolkit

Use this toolkit to help managers navigate their engagement survey scorecards and empower them to improve team engagement.

Engagement Initiative Card Template

Use this template to track engagement initiative details and progress.

Case Studies: Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration

Refer to these case studies for examples of improved cross-functional collaboration.

Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration Worksheet

Use this tool to identify solutions that are applicable to your organization and record a description of your chosen solutions.

Training Deck: Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration

Use this manager training deck to train managers on how they can activate their employees' networks to enable collaboration.
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