Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Embed Inclusion Into Your Culture Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives for thoughtful inclusion initiatives that are reinforced by the organizational culture.

Case Studies: Embed Inclusion Into Your Culture

Refer to this case study for examples of inclusive initiatives adopted by organizations.

Inclusive HR Work Practices Examples

Use this template to review ideas of inclusive HR work practices and inclusion nudges.

Disability Accommodation Policy

Disability accommodation is crucial to productivity, workplace diversity, and legal compliance. This template provides a framework for the accommodation process.

Process Mapping Guide

Use this guide to understand process mapping best practices.

Design Thinking Primer

Use this guide to gain an understanding of design thinking principles.

Train Managers on Respect in the Workplace

The costs and harm associated with harassment and discrimination, for both the individuals involved and the organization as a whole, provide compelling reasons to provide...

Diversity & Inclusion: Who’s Responsible?

Typically, the responsibility for managing diversity and inclusiveness in an organization falls within the human resources function. However, when a situation goes beyond...

Chief Diversity Officer

The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) leads the development, implementation, and assessment of strategic diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives and ensures alignment with...

Building Inclusive Spaces? You'll Need Intersectionality and Empathy for That

Applying intersectionality is not only a way to analyze your workforce, it’s also a powerful tool for building inclusive spaces if carefully paired with empathy.
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