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Don’t Just Engage, Lead

In the new engagement paradigm, employee engagement is not a program, it’s about effective leadership practices that create a positive emotional connection between the...
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Don't Just Engage, Lead Storyboard

Shift the focus from annual engagement results toward integrated leadership empowerment, to increase the connection between engagement and business results.

Don't Just Engage, Lead Executive Briefing

Use this document to make the case to executives and stakeholders for implementing Engagement 3.0.

Engagement 3.0 Purpose & Goals Template

Use this template to document the purpose and goals of integrated leadership empowerment and employee engagement in your organization.

Integrated Leadership Empowerment Launch Deck

Use this deck to assess current engagement and understand how to move towards integrated leadership empowerment.

Engagement 3.0 Action Plan

Use this tool to develop a high-level implementation timeline for the transition to Integrated Leadership Empowerment.

HR Trends and Priorities 2016 – Employee Engagement

Each year, McLean & Company surveys HR and business professionals to reveal top HR priorities and emerging HR trends. This report goes into more depth on the Employee...

Engagement 3.0: Transitioning to Leader-Driven Engagement

While traditional targets of employee engagement – retention and discretionary effort – are important, progressive companies focus engagement directly on business drivers...
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Engagement 3.0: Transitioning to Leader-Driven Engagement Storyboard

Move from reactive engagement initiatives to integrated leadership with a focus on business results using McLean & Company’s five Engagement 3.0 insights.

Help Managers Inform, Interact, and Involve on the Way to Team Engagement Storyboard

Employee engagement on the team level should be owned by those who have the greatest impact on employees' daily lives - their managers. This storyboard looks at HR's role...
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