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Leadership Development Strategy Template

Use McLean & Company’s Leadership Development Strategy Template to assist you in creating a leadership development program that is optimized to address and deliver on...

Individual Development Plan Template

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a document created for the purpose of growing and learning as a leader. When goals are formally documented, it creates...

Leadership Development ROI Analysis Tool

The ROI Analysis Tool is designed to help you calculate the hard costs and benefits of your leadership development program. The results of a comprehensive financial...

Employee Referral Communication Email Template

Communicate your program regularly with targeted emails.

Drive Engagement Through Interdepartmental Collaboration

Collaboration directly impacts the bottom-line. Not working collaboratively costs the organization money, whereas a collaborative work environment results in the tangible...

Storyboard: Drive Engagement Through Interdepartmental Collaboration

Transition from a non-collaborative environment to one that drives innovation and results across departments.

Collaboration Assessment Tool

Use this tool to help understand the issues that are impacting the level and success of interdepartmental collaboration occurring in your organization. Gain a prioritized...

Collaboration Assessment Questionnaire

Administer this questionnaire to departments that have a clear issue with interdepartmental collaboration. If you would like to factor their opinions and experiences into...

Focus Group Collaboration Questionnaire

Evaluate the impact of the collaboration initiatives by directly asking employees in departments that are facing collaboration issues to share their experiences.

Train Managers to Handle Difficult Conversations

Managers avoiding difficult conversations negatively impacts employees, HR, and the business’ bottom-line. Train them up to stop avoiding, freezing, or giving in when the...

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