Storyboard: Identify & Select Employee Engagement Initiatives

Most organizations leave value on the table when it comes to their employee engagement surveys. This is because measuring the level of employee engagement is not enough: an organization must also identify and take action on critical areas for change based on the survey’s results and employee insights. Focus on key areas to improve, and then leverage employees to identify the core problems before deciding on the solutions.

This research report will help you:

  • Run effective brainstorming sessions with your department’s staff to conduct a gap analysis between current reality and ideal state.
  • Identify, compare, and select change initiatives with your staff’s help.
  • Learn about impactful change initiatives implemented by other organizations.

Don’t become another statistic – leverage survey results and your employees to start improving employee engagement.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Leverage survey results and employee involvement.
    • Storyboard: Identify & Select Employee Engagement Initiatives
  2. Facilitate issue and initiative break-out sessions with employees.

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