Director of Marketing

The Marketing Director is responsible for developing, planning, and executing strategic and responsive marketing initiatives that support consistent business growth, expand market share, and strengthen brand equity and reputation. Key priorities will include successfully penetrating into new markets, introducing new products and services to clients/customers, and ensuring the coordination of marketing communication between various functions and divisions. The position will require extensive knowledge of the industry and collection of competitive intelligence. In addition, the Marketing Director will collaborate with other members of the marketing and executive teams in order to align marketing objectives with overall company goals.

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Published: October 8, 2010
Last Revised: October 8, 2010


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    Tracie Hall | 11-07-2014

    do you have organizational alignment information, i.e. does this role typically report to a VP of Marketing who reports to the CEO?

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      McLean & Company | 11-19-2014

      Thanks for your question, Tracie. We don’t include organizational structure information in our job descriptions as there is so much variation among organizations. However, the following two scenarios are common: Director reports to a VP who reports to the CEO, as well as Director reports to a VP who reports to an SVP who reports to the CEO. For flatter organizations, the first structure is more common and for more traditional, bureaucratic organizations, the second structure is more common.

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