Lori Kantymir McLeanCo Analyst

Senior HR Consulting Analyst at McLean & Company

A Senior HR Consulting Analyst with McLean & Company, Lori is passionate about connecting HR professionals with the best possible insights from academic research and experienced HR practitioners. She specializes in Diversity & Inclusion policy, as well as HR challenges in Indigenous contexts.

McLeanCo Analyst

About Me

Lori Kantymir is a Senior HR Consulting Analyst with McLean & Company, conducting research with a focus in Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Strategic HR, Neuroscience & HR, and HR challenges in Indigenous contexts.

Prior to joining McLean & Company, Lori worked at the University of Western Ontario, where she was a writing counsellor at the Writing Centre and also taught a number of ethics courses, most recently Healthcare Ethics. She is an experienced researcher with a PhD in ethical theory and practice, specializing in creating practical, ethical guidelines for a variety of settings. Lori also worked for a non-profit in Vancouver providing educational resources for adults with developmental disabilities, and has experience in project planning and implementation as well as employee training. She is passionate about designing practical, ethical business practices, in particular improved implementation of HR policy and corporate social responsibility.

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