About This Webcast

This webinar will make you think differently about how performance appraisals should be done. If your organization is frustrated with the traditional annual appraisal, then you should attend this webinar. We will introduce you to Agile performance management (APM), which gets rid of the old traditional methods. APM focuses on ongoing, continuous feedback and goal setting that enhances the performance and development of employees on a constant and consistent basis.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Assess if your organization is ready for the APM, or if a hybrid model would be more suitable
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in to make the change
  • Get your employees and managers engaged in the APM process
  • Implement APM in your organization, complete with a communication and follow-up strategy
  • Incorporate components of APM into your current process if you are not quite ready to “throw out” the annual review
  • Featured Speakers

    Ayiri Harrison

    Manager, HR Research & Advisory
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