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Manager Webinar: Empower to Engage

Employee empowerment is the number one driver of engagement, yet only 34% of employees are empowered. In addition to employee engagement, empowerment has a significant...

Manager Webinar: Effectively Communicate at Every Touch Point

Managers can improve team and organizational performance by developing a communications philosophy and process to structure and organize communications with direct reports.

Manager Webinar: Optimize the Performance of A, B, and C Players

Every manager faces the challenge of managing different talent and personality profiles. Most leave performance gains on the table because they don't adjust their...

Manager Webinar: Engage Generation Y

Engaging Generation Y is as much about modernizing your workplace as it is about creating an environment to capture the best new talent; the ROI is far-reaching.

Lead Staff through Change: Employee Change Personas

Staff members resemble four common personas as they transition through a change process. Learn how to manage each persona differently to leverage and mitigate employee...

3 Steps to Hiring Decision Success

You don't have to be a fortune teller to pick the right hire; who is involved, plus the inputs and process used, impact success. Use this video to learn about the key...

Leverage PA Feedback to Drive Performance Improvements

This video provides advice and information on how to refocus efforts throughout the three-step performance appraisal (PA) process to drive performance improvements...

The Six Personas of Your Team

McLean & Company used three dimensions to create employee Personas that managers can use to better manage their employees. Once these Personas are well understood for...

Achieve Job Redesign Success with Five Key Approaches

This video provides advice and information on the five essential approaches to Job Redesign, which is the process of tweaking the skills and tasks assigned to an existing...

Quick Fixes to Common Interview Errors

Advance preparation is highly recommended before you conduct any candidate interview. However, there are some high value techniques to maximize your interviewing skills,...

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