Talent Management - Storyboard

Modernize the Performance Appraisal Storyboard

The traditional performance appraisal is inflexible, demotivating, and lacking in performance driving power. Use this storyboard to modernize the performance appraisal to...

Develop an Inclusion Strategy to Leverage Diversity and Drive Innovation Storyboard

Move from managing to leveraging diversity with the creation of an inclusive work culture.

Transform the 9-Box Talent Assessment Storyboard

When used appropriately, the 9-box talent grid becomes a strategic tool that makes development and workforce planning easier. However, 9-box assessments are often...

Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid to Assess Employee Talent Storyboard

Talent assessment is vital to the success of talent programs such as succession planning, high potential programs, and leadership programs. Build and implement a 9-box...

Create and Leverage a Skills Inventory Storyboard

A lack of awareness around the existing skills of the workforce and the key skills required to meet organizational objectives makes it difficult to combat projected...

Storyboard: Create Flexible Succession Plans to Prepare for Both Planned and Unexpected Gaps

This storyboard will guide you through setting the foundation for flexible succession plans, identifying key gaps, developing talent pools, and managing succession.

Neuroscience and HR Storyboard

Neuroscience provides hard evidence for the importance of soft skills in HR. Use it to show stakeholders how people practices affect the bottom line.

Mitigate the Risk of Baby Boomer Retirement with Scalable Succession Planning Storyboard

Losing employees in key roles without preparing for their departure hinders productivity, knowledge retention, relationships, and opportunities. Practice sound succession...

Develop Key Competencies to Excel as a Strategic Business Partner Storyboard

HR must make the shift from simply talking about being strategic to behaving strategically or they run the risk of being seen as a tactical roadblock. By developing the...

Instill a Mindset of Personal Accountability Storyboard

Instilling a mindset of personal accountability among employees, by encouraging them to take control of their actions, drives high performance within organizations....
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