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Implement Performance Improvement Plans

Improvement plans can seem like a lot of work for not much gain, and termination often seems like an easier option. This project blueprint will help you make a compelling...
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Evaluate the HR Budget Planning, Proposal, and Negotiation Strategy

There should never be such a thing as an HR initiative, just business initiatives; every dollar spent in HR should help the business achieve its goals.
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Craft Their Leadership Brand

Leadership branding creates the opportunity for better customer reach and an improved reputation for the leader and the organization they work for. Leadership branding...
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making

Thorough training on decision making will enable managers to realize greater decision making success – and this skill easily translates into significant business outcomes.
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Build an Internship Program

Get the project done quickly and carefully by focusing on goals and outcomes. Internship programs fail when organizations are not clear about the goals of the program or...
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Optimize the Leadership Development Program

Organizations are spending money to build leadership development programs, but many are not achieving the desired outcomes. Use this blueprint to optimize your leadership...
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Implement a Job Rotation Program to Engage and Develop the Workforce

Employees increasingly desire more development and opportunities for new experiences in the organization in order to keep them engaged. Listen to your employees and...
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Create a Culture of Recognition to Drive Engagement, Improve Retention, and Increase Profitability

The existence of a recognition program isn’t enough. It needs to be widely used to create business benefits. To realize benefits and maintain them, create a culture of...
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High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Inspire Staff to Optimal Performance

Managers struggle with the “how” of inspiring their staff. This training ties inspiration to organizational vision, mission, and values to make training more concrete,...
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Optimize the Referral Program

In order to determine pain points, the current referral program must be benchmarked against standards to identify areas for improvement. A thorough understanding of the...
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