Solution Sets

Develop a Strategy for Workforce Analytics with Big Data

Big Data is not an issue, but an opportunity. Big Data by itself has no inherent value: it is the workforce analytics using Big Data that drives new insights to deliver...

Develop an Agile HR Strategic Plan That Achieves Organizational Objectives

HR is in firefighting mode, unable to deliver business value due to limited resources and increased demands on the department. A strategic plan requires a time investment...

Create Flexible Succession Plans to Prepare for Both Planned and Unexpected Gaps

Traditional succession planning is no longer an option for organizations that operate in a high-change environment. Inject flexibility into your planning with the use of...

Design a Pre-Hire Test to Select the Best

Finding and hiring the best talent is still a major challenge for most organizations; pre-hire testing has returned to popularity in recent times. Competency-based...

Onboard New Hires for Ramp-up & Retention

Onboarding isn’t the same as orientation. Develop a long-term approach to integrating new hires into the organization to reduce ramp-up time and keep new staff engaged.

Source Active Candidates at the Right Time and Cost Without Losing Sight of Quality of Hire

Sourcing and screening candidates is an essential HR function in talent acquisition.

Training Deck: Team Dynamics

This training deck is designed for managers of all levels. It outlines how to effectively navigate the four phases of the team lifecycle, develop positive team dynamics,...

Build a Leadership Development Program

Build your leadership development program by identifying employees with leadership potential, prioritizing leadership competencies that support and align with business...

Understand HR Trends and Priorities for 2015

Use McLean & Company’s HR trends and priorities research to inform your 2015 strategic plan.

Drive Business Success with HR Analytics

Many organizations have operational HR metrics in place, but few are considering strategic goals, true analytics capability, and insight-providing communication with...

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