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Adopt Change Management Techniques to Lead the Organization Through Change

Effective change management is a critical capability as change is occurring with increasing speed and regularity. HR must step into the role of a change facilitator to...
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Source Active Candidates at the Right Time and Cost without Losing Sight of Quality of Hire

The traditional approach to candidate sourcing is costly, time-consuming, and often leads to dubious hires. It also often results in tension – even conflict – between...

Build HR Capabilities

McLean & Company defines HR capability as the combined competency and capacity of the HR team. Assess the capability of your HR team to ensure that you’re ready to...
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Build an Inclusive and Integrated Talent Management Strategy

Talent management is ranked as the least effective of all HR functions. However, according to McLean & Company’s 2015 Trends and Priorities Survey, organizations are...
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Understand HR Trends and Priorities for 2015

Use McLean & Company’s HR trends and priorities research to inform your 2015 strategic plan.

Optimize the Organization’s LinkedIn Presence

Social recruiting promises lower time to fill, lower cost of hire, and a greater quality of hire. A hiring team with an optimized LinkedIn presence is in the best...
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Formalize a Learning & Development Strategy

Learning & Development strategies are essential for a well-integrated learning plan and solutions that address critical skills gaps. Stop using piecemeal initiatives and...
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Develop a Strategy for Workforce Analytics with Big Data

Big Data is not an issue, but an opportunity. Big Data by itself has no inherent value: it is the workforce analytics using Big Data that drives new insights to deliver...
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Develop an Agile HR Strategic Plan That Achieves Organizational Objectives

HR is in firefighting mode, unable to deliver business value due to limited resources and increased demands on the department. A strategic plan requires a time investment...
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Create Flexible Succession Plans to Prepare for Both Planned and Unexpected Gaps

Traditional succession planning is no longer an option for organizations that operate in a high-change environment. Inject flexibility into your planning with the use of...
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