Solution Sets

Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The traditional performance appraisal has been proven to be inflexible, demotivating, and lacking in performance driving power. Modernize the performance appraisal to...

High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Craft Their Leadership Brand

Leadership branding creates the opportunity for better customer reach and an improved reputation for the leader and the organization they work for. Leadership branding...

High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making

Thorough training on decision making will enable managers to realize greater decision making success – and this skill easily translates into significant business outcomes.

Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid Process to Review Employee Talent

As the Head of HR, I want to build a talent review strategy that will accurately and consistently assess employees, classify employee talent in a meaningful manner, be...

Strategically Source Candidates for the New World

Make the right investments to build a strategic sourcing function. Strategic sourcing can help firms fill critical positions and ensure they remain competitive but only...

Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework

Competency frameworks are a springboard for improving the functional and strategic nature of HR as they provide a central point of reference for all HR functions and...

Build an Internship Program

Get the project done quickly and carefully by focusing on goals and outcomes. Internship programs fail when organizations are not clear about the goals of the program or...

Develop an Action Planning Process for Global Employee Engagement Initiatives

Action plans developed and implemented for all global locations, as well as action plans implemented and developed specific to each location are not successful.

Create an Agile Succession Plan to Deal with Gaps Before They Happen

As an HR leader, I want to create a succession plan that makes us prepared for turnover. I want something that enables us to look at where we can move people in the short...

Optimize the Use of LinkedIn Recruiter

The desired skills and competencies of a Talent Acquisition Specialist and Recruiter has changed over the past 5 years with the introduction of LinkedIn. Recruiters are...

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