Solution Sets

Build HR Capability One Block at a Time

The Head of HR recognizes that their team’s capabilities and structure is no longer meeting the needs of the business. The Leader realizes that they have fallen behind...

Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid to Assess Employee Talent

Talent assessment is vital to the success of talent programs such as succession planning, high potential programs, and leadership programs. Use this blueprint to build...

Write Effective Job Descriptions

Inaccurate job descriptions can have a far-reaching and costly impact on your business, including misguided recruitment and selection practices, off-base performance...

Build Stakeholder Management Capabilities

It is necessary that HR achieves buy-in from the C-Suite for the HR role to gain access to adequate resources and inclusion in strategic decisions. Take a targeted...

Leverage the First 100 Days as a New Leader

New leaders are burdened by high expectations of success based on achievements in previous roles, but they often do not have the right information to perform well in...

Evaluate the HR Budget Planning, Proposal, and Negotiation Strategy

There should never be such a thing as an HR initiative, just business initiatives; every dollar spent in HR should help the business achieve its goals.

Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The traditional performance appraisal has been proven to be inflexible, demotivating, and lacking in performance driving power. Modernize the performance appraisal to...

High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers to Craft Their Leadership Brand

Leadership branding creates the opportunity for better customer reach and an improved reputation for the leader and the organization they work for. Leadership branding...

High-Impact Leadership: Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making

Thorough training on decision making will enable managers to realize greater decision making success – and this skill easily translates into significant business outcomes.

Build and Implement a 9-Box Talent Grid Process to Review Employee Talent

As the Head of HR, I want to build a talent review strategy that will accurately and consistently assess employees, classify employee talent in a meaningful manner, be...

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