Solution Sets

People Management

High Impact Leadership: Leadership Branding

Solidify your internal and external reputation with a consciously developed leadership brand.

Talent Intake

Sourcing Strategy for the New World

Train your recruiters how to hunt for passive and active candidates

Talent Management

Write Effective Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the foundation of strategic HR initiatives – make sure the ground is solid

People Management

High Impact Leadership: Decision Making for Managers

Ensure your managers are making the right choices in the right situations

Talent Management

Modernize the Traditional Performance Appraisal

Bring your performance appraisal out of the dark ages

HR Strategy & Governance

Implement a Human Capital Growth Plan

Drive a well-managed resource planning process and help your company grow.

Talent Management

Implement Effective Employee Development Planning

Engage employees to own and plan their development.

Talent Intake

Onboard New Hires for Ramp-up & Retention

Commit to onboarding to drive performance and reduce turnover.

Engagement & Retention

Drive Engagement Through Interdepartmental Collaboration

Transition from a non-collaborative environment to one that drives innovation and results across departments.

Engagement & Retention

Make the Case for Employee Engagement

Turn this soft topic into tangible benefits.