Research Notes

Make the Case for a Leadership Development Program

Use this presentation to make the case to executives in order to build a leadership development program.

HR Trends and Priorities for 2015

Each year, McLean & Company surveys business professionals to reveal top HR priorities and emerging HR trends; this is the capstone report.

HR Metrics Library

This library consists of an extensive list of potential HR metrics that apply to all functions of HR. Use this library to find metrics that are applicable to your...

Ebola Briefing

The Ebola Briefing is intended to provide you with the necessary information you need to analyze and mitigate the risks that the recent outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease...

Training Deck: Train Managers to Write Effective Job Descriptions

This training deck illustrates the importance of job descriptions and walks managers through the process of writing a job description. The training deck will need to be...

Training Deck for Managers: Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The manager training deck will equip managers with the knowledge and skills they need to help engage employees in the modern PA process.

Training Deck for Employees: Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The employee training deck will prepare employees for the modern PA framework by engaging them in exercises and activities to familiarize them with the process and their...

High-Impact Leadership Training Deck: Craft Your Leadership Brand

Using this leadership training deck allows participants to understand the purpose of leadership branding, while creating their own branding statement using the four key...

High-Impact Leadership Training Deck: The Art of Decision Making

In order to become effective decision makers, leaders must be reminded of how to take a structured approach to decision making to drive stakeholder buy-in, reduce bias,...

Implement a Job Rotation Program to Engage and Develop the Workforce – Stakeholder Slides

Use the Job Rotation Stakeholder Slides to help you set an agenda for your stakeholder meeting, prepare your presentation, and organize insights to gain buy-in for...

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