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Training Deck: Empower Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Engagement

As a manager, your biggest impact on engagement comes from having employees’ trust and building positive relationships with them.

Participant Workbook: Take Ownership of Manager Relationships

The participant workbook will help managers stay on track and record information and activities used in the build trusting relationships training.

Identify and Reengage Disengaged Employees – Manager Guide

It is often challenging for managers to identify and address employee disengagement. Use this guide to help managers understand and handle engagement on their team.

Engaging Management − 3i Leadership Quiz

Evaluate the effectiveness of 3i leadership training with this brief quiz.

3i Leadership Self-Assessment

This template allows people managers and senior leaders to better understand their application of the 3i model: inform, interact, and involve.

Senior Management Driver: Sample Email Communication Template

Customize this template to create an invitation to the senior leadership engagement strategy group meeting.

Senior Management Driver: Executive Pre-Work Template

Customize this template for senior leaders to review and prepare for the senior leadership engagement strategy group discussion.

Senior Management Driver: Presentation Template

Tailor this template to present the four key strategies for improving employee engagement to senior leaders during the senior leadership engagement strategy group meeting.

Senior Management Driver: Interpretation Worksheet and Action Plan

Use this template in conjunction with McLean & Company's Employee Engagement survey to help your senior leaders interpret their manager scorecard results.

Senior Management Driver: HR One-on-One Discussion Guide

Use this template as a guide for HR practitioners conducting one-on-one sessions with senior leaders.
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